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coupons in the mail, coupons: This is the lowest I've ever been, and I really need help coming out of this

iLiberty started this conversation
This is the lowest I've ever been, and I really need help coming out of this hole. I am the single mother of 4 wonderful children who live with me. Their father is nowhere to be found and I have been on my own working job to job at a temp agency because it's the only place hiring in this small town. My oldest is 18, but she's stuck here with me because she knows her support is what keeps us off the streets. If I didn't have her to babysit at night I wouldn't be able to work.. God bless her for putting her life on hold for us. I won't lie, I get foodstamps. For my family of 5 we get $200 a month. I am huge on couponing to try and stretch what little we have as far as it can go. But lately, the price of the paper has gone up and I just can't afford to buy it for the coupons anymore. Now our $200 is gone within the first half of the month, and we're left to fend for ourselves for the rest. I just can't do it anymore.. The rent, utilities, clothes for the children, gas for the various jobs I do.. it's too much for me to handle. But I don't want to lose my babies! I don't want to beg for money, but I would like to ask for coupons! That way we can stretch our foodstamps again and afford to eat. Any coupons that aren't expired, we're greatful for. I would also appreciate any clothes donations for my kids. I will give my information in a private message for anyone interested. We're located in Ohio. God bless!
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you should join the community over at People share and give coupon away all the time. I am there my name there is mekitty1
Talk to mekitty1